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A guide to creating and modifying MySQL databases in cPanel
How to create and modify MySQL databases in...
How to change your accounts cPanel password
How to change the password to your cPanel account:
How to create and manage subdomains
Learn how to create and manae subdomains:
How to create/delete/manage email accounts
Video Tutorials:How to create and manage email...
How to customize your cPanel account
Customizing your cPanel account:
How to encrypt messages using gnuPG keys
Generate or import GnuPG Keys to encrypt messages using a "public key" that can only be decrypted...
How to setup a redirect so when users go to one site, they redirect to another
Setting up redirects can come i andy when you want a web page to automatically redirect your...
How to use FTP to access your domains/accounts files
FTP is a standard protocol used for transferring files. Here is a video on how to use FTP to...
How to use cPanels built-in file manager
How to access your accounts files using the built in file manager in your cPanel...
How to use the IP deny manager to prevent certain people from accessing your website
Video on how to use the IP deny manager inside your cPanel...

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