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Plesk Powered Hosting

Our Venom Powered Plesk SSD Hosting plans come with the versatile Plesk control panel and extremely powerful WordPress toolkit. This allows for the easy staging and cloning of WordPress websites, security management, site health reports, and so much more. Imunify360 Total Protection Anti Virus scanning allows for the peace of mind in knowing you can scan your website anytime. Create and manage your own backups, restore them at anytime, undo changes, redo changes, remove problematic plugins,run security reports, index your site, analyize your sites SEO performance, speed performance, install free SSL certificates, and so much more. These plans also make use of the latest in SSD technology, NVMe SSD drives. This results in improved SEO, unmatched WordPress and E-Commerce website loading speeds, and a better end user browsing experience.

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit

The award winning Plesk control panel allows you to enter a world full of essential WordPress tools that are vital to creating, managing, cloning, and developing successfull WordPress websites


Quick Installation

With our quick one-click WordPress installer, your entire WordPress website will be created with no technical knowledge needed! The installer will create the entire website and then hand over the wp-admin login details so you can get started on your website right away!

Staging Capabilities

Have a great plugin or theme you want to install but afraid it may cause issues with your website? Simply clone the entire WordPress site and setup a staging area where you can take the risk without having to worry about problems!

Theme and Plugin Management

Install a plugin or theme on one site, or on multiple WordPress websites efficiently, and quickly. Activate multiple themes or plugins all at the same time, or remove them all in one click. Manage everything from one panel


1-Click Secure

Our Plesk system, coupled with the WordPress toolkit, allows you to check for any insecure plugins, themes, problems with the core installation, and so much more. Use Imunify A/V to scan your entire site for even further peace of mind

No Experience Needed!

WordPress Toolkit doesn't just scan your site - it applies the latest security recommendations to your WordPress website directly WordPress and security experts.

Manage & Execute

Snapshot Restoration

We are constanstly runinng backups on the server, but if you see that you've done something to cause issues on your WordPress website, simple use the 'Restore Points' feature of our Plesk WordPress toolkit to get your site back to normal! If that doesn't work, contact us and we'll install your latest backup from our remote server!


Your website loads with LiteSpeed, the worlds fastest webserver!

LS-Cache plugin

Disable any caching plugin you have and enable LS-Cache for Pure Speed!

Grow and Expand

As your website grows, we have the horsepower to be there every step of the way

24/7 Support

Our in-house team is here to help you with any issues you're having with your web hosting

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